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Equipment for packaging production

Equipment for packaging production

* Die cutter Bobst SP 102–E

Bobst SP 102–E has the following technological capabilities:

the maximum sheet size (mm) 1020x720


paper — the minimum grammage (gsm) 80–90

cardboard — the minimum grammage (gsm) 2000

corrugated cardboard of the type E and B, the thickness up to (mm) 4

die cutting speed (sheet/hour) 7500

* Folder gluing machine of the company «International» (USA) KJ (standard), single–point 

* Cutting plotter Kongsberg XL20 and software ArtiosCAD of the company EskoArtwork for packaging design and production

Max. blank part format 1750x1620 mm

Industrial plotters Kongsberg of the company EskoArtwork are devices especially developed for creation and production of packaging specimens, for short and medium runs of folding board and corrugated board boxes, for plastic and foam plastic advertising materials, for milling of counter–matrixes and cutting of forms for selective varnishing.

The plotter for specimens production is a coordinate worktable equipped with two guides used for moving on all work area of special tool for cutting and creasing of corrugated and packing board. This plotter has the function “step and repeat”, namely, to copy the packaging according to format and can display files directly from packing design program on computer.

In plotters Kongsberg XL work tool moving is controlled in 3 dimensions: form and sizes can be changed as well as cut depth. It makes possible to execute scratching (when cardboard is not cut throughout) and creasing. It feasible to cut and crease cardboard from both sides with register observance.

This plotter is completed by unique head tool MultiCut. By means of this tool the operator can work up all materials from folding and corrugated board to thick plexiglas and materials with consistency of glass.

For productive work the enterprise has purchased the following tools:

  • High–speed knife MP HF Knife Tool;
  • Versatile knife General Purpose Knife Tool;
  • Creasing tools;
  • Knife for micro cutting MicroCut Tool;
  • Tool “Ball point pen tool”.

Generally, packaging cutting is made on special presses. For this reason, it is needed to fabricate a complex and expensive punch. The cutting plotter does not require production of punches. Instead of this digital data from program of computer–aided packaging designing ArtiosCAD are used.

Integration with ArtiosCAD

Designers which combine ArtiosCAD, leading program of structural packaging design, with plotters Kongsberg XL facilitate considerably their work.

Esko ArtiosCAD is a software program which the company Esko proposes for packaging construction design. ArtiosCAD makes it possible to design any kinds of packaging of different materials and to produce gear for punching form creation. ArtiosCAD includes several program modules organized in a branched structure.

* Ultrasonic hand tool УЗПК–15 for welding of polystyrene and PETF materials