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Pre-press technology

Pre-press technology

Since 2005 most advanced technology Computer-to-Plate” (“Computer - printing form”) as of today in our country and in the world has been mastered, and it functions successfully. Thanks to specialists’ professionalism of production-publishing center, this technology was implemented into existing for years classic technology of printing form production, without serious consequences and in the shortest time possible. Introduction of automatic operations saves time during pre-press for about 2 hours per every order what cuts time for order fulfillment. This gives a possibility to increase more systematically and quickly the number of orders, thereby to increase the turnout of newspaper and magazine production.

 Total cycle of prepress production as of today includes the following processing equipment:

 1. Text capture and makeup workstations making it possible to carry out all the operations on edition preparing in full.

 2. Graphic stations, scanning units and digital cameras that help to perform all the necessary material processing for future publication.

 3. Stations of electronic laying-down of pages that make it possible to prepare electronic paste-up of magazines, newspapers or various books in the shortest time possible.

 4. The whole complex of photo typesetting equipment including photo typesetting machines, film processors, raster processors and additional equipment for transparancies of maximum format 450х650 mm.

 5. The whole complex of devices for direct exposure on CTP printing form, including four machines Cobalt-8M of company “Escher Grad”, four film processors “Raptor-85 Polymer” of company “Glunz & Jensen” thus enabling production of up to 20 plates of format 1030х785 per hour on one machine with X2option switched on.

 6.  Machine NELA VCPevolution M 1200 for pin hole punching and setback turning-in in printing offset forms designed for newspaper web press machines Tensor–1400”, “Tensor–400 BE”, “Uniset–75”.

 7. High speed optical network between the typography departments and editorial building of the Printing House that allows sending all the necessary information on the orders, ready laying down of pages of newsprint, magazine and book production in the shortest time.

 8. High-capacity server with large amount of disk space and backup system makes it possible to store and process up to 900 gigabyte of information per day concerning print orders received by the typography.

 9. High speed Internet, with help of which we plan to receive publications from editorial offices situated at large distances from the typography; besides it ensures the possibility of feedback thus allowing to control the preparation process.

 10. The whole complex of forms producing equipment using the classic technology that includes printing frames and film processors.

 The classic technology of printer output using photocomposition units with the following manual planning and forming of printed monometallic forms is not forgotten and functions successfully.