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Instant and broadsheet printing

Instant And Broadsheet Printing

The Belarusian Printing House offers printing of such color and black-and-white production as business cards, brochures, handbills, price lists, invitations and booklets. Printing is produced on professional color laser copy printers «Konica-8031», «Konica-8020», «Konica Bizhub-450» that allow to receiving stamps comparable on quality with offset in paper format A3+ with the density up to 280 g/m2. These printers print easily and rapidly such documents at a speed up to 31 page/minute, both in color and monochrome mode. 

«Konica-8031», «Konica-8020», «Konica Bizhub-450» belong to multifunctional devices and comprise a scanner, printer, xerox, finisher, booklet-maker, and are designed for instant copying. The devices perform special functions: automatic color discrimination, mirror image, automatic division of the original product (text and photo, photo, graphics, mixed, mapping mode, double-page copying, 2 in 1, 4 in 1, booklet, etc.).  

Broadsheet printing is represented by 2 plotters «Hewlett-Packard DJ 5500». This equipment allows to printing at the maximum speed: 13,7 m2/hour – on glossy carriers, 17,6 m2/hour – on coated carriers and 52,8 m2/hour – in the maximum speed mode. The maximum carrier width – 1,06 m, the maximum web carrier length – 61,4 m. 

Printing can be produced on different materials. The magnificent printing quality with a wide color gamma, smooth blends and the halftone regularity is provided by using 1200x600 dpi resolution printing system (on glossy carriers). 

There is automatic color calibration with a closed cycle for precise color transmission in each print cycle as well as web and sheet feeding, automatic cutter, web delivery. 

This type of printing can be used for showcase, sales area, show and point-of-sale terminal decoration.