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Equipment for printing on the fabric and machine embroidery

Equipment for printing on the fabric and machine embroidery

* Dye–sublimation high performance transfer plotter (printer) Mimaki JV5320DS with printing width on the fabric up to 3.2 m

It is used for printing on the fabric and thermal paper (with the further transferring on the fabric).

Technical data of the plotter Mimaki JV5320DS:

  • The maximum printing speed is 60.3 m2/h (printing resolution of 540720 dpi, 4 passes, 4 color mode).
  • Array of 4 staggered high–speed print heads.
  • Automatic take–up media system (AMF) for even feeding of heavy media weighing up to 130 kg.
  • Constant ink feed system (UISS) for long–time continuous printing.
  • Ink feed original system Mimaki Bulk Ink System (MBIS) for saving of ink (on separate order).
  • Nozzle Checking Unit (NCU) for prevention of excessive waste of ink (on separate order).
  • Reduced take–up unit for printing on narrow media.


  1. Direct high–speed and sublimation printing with perfect quality on materials up to 3.2 m wide.
  2. It is possible to print directly on pre–treated polyester materials due to ink collecting tank use.
  3. Thanks to this, direct sublimation printing technology allows to receive more detailed images as against sublimation printing, using transfer from transfer paper.
  4. Percolated ink is getting dry directly after printing by means of a dryer.
  5. Higher operational characteristics and printing quality because of Mimaki Spray Suppressor System use.

* Large–format calender heat press TitanJet GTX–132

It is used for full–color image transfer from thermal paper on polyester fabrics, as well as for image fixation on the fabric during direct sublimation printing.

Working area width   – 3200 mm

Maximum thermal transfer speed – up to 150 m2/h

Maximum temperature – 240 C

Impression dimensions are only limited by working area width (printed material) – 3200 mm

Calender heat press is intended for operation in combination with the plotter Mimaki JV5–320DS.

* Single head embroidery machine Barudan BEVT–Z901CA


This machine is used for logotype and monogram production (with additional cap frame) by means of embroidery.

The maximum embroidery dimensions are 250400 mm, embroidery on caps — 79360 mm;

9 needles, speed — up to 1200 spm.

It is possible to embroider on cut, caps, socks; quick changeover from one type to another one.

Automatic color change, automatic thread breaks.

Memory capacity of the machine processor is 10 million stitches in 30 patterns, return to 1600 stitches.

* Flatbed heat press Monti Antonio Mod. 203–3/Vacuum

The flatbed heat press Monti Antonio is used for image transfer from thermal paper to the fabric or for image fixation on the fabric.

Also, the heat press with a flat plate is used for application on various flat materials of images, printed on interim media or cut out from special thermal film on the plotter.

Thermal transfer technology is used for image application on overalls, football shirts, flags, banners, umbrellas and other textiles. The heat press permits to produce a single product as well as quite tangible run, thus making it irreplaceable in souvenir production.

Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions of printing area (surface): 18001300 mm. The large working surface makes it possible to use this press for big–size products.
  • Heating temperature: up to 230 C.
  • Digital control.
  • Reliable design.
  • For long run production.
  • Pneumatic heating element.
  • Transferring time (depending on used material) is about 1 min.
  • Completely steel frame.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automatic pressing force control.

Quality is provided with accurate observance of such parameters as: processing temperature, transferring time and pressing force.