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Post-press equipment for news-magazine printing

Post-press equipment for news-magazine printing

* Stacker RIMA RS-32.  

Stacker is a counting-collating line which receives newspapers, brochures and folded copies from the fold of the printing machine at the speed of 120,000 printed copies per hour. Then the copies are pressed in stacks with fixed (predetermined) number of copies per stack.

* Newspaper stuffing machine KANSA.

It is designed for collating multi-page newspapers from several blocks. Used for collating of newspapers of A3 format up to 128 pages. The unit can process up to 12,500 newspapers per hour.  

* Binding machine MOSKA RO-MR-2, RO-MR-4.

It is developed for binding of packs and half-finished goods with polypropylene packing tape. 

* News-magazine products trimming equipment.  

RS830 equipment of the German company RIMA-SYSTEM makes it possible to cut products of A4 format (printed on Tensor machine) from 3 sides, and A3 format from two sides. For this purpose a combination of two trimming stations is used. New models of rotary shears based on the latest developments guarantee the best quality of copies trimming including multipage copies.

Pre-trimming product format:

Width: min. — 114 mm, max. — 530 mm.
Length: min. — 116 mm, max. — 530 mm.
Minimal trimming size — 3 mm on each sides.
Trimmed products volume — 48 pages of A3 format or 96 pages of А4 format.
Speed (up to 100 m per minute) ensures the maximum operating performance of the printing machine.


* New system for stencil screen printing and UV-varnishing

Automatic stencil screen line with modular construction JB-720A includes:

  • Set of platemaking equipment;
  • Stack-cylinder stencil screen sheet printing machine;

  • UV-drier;  
  • Automatic delivery unit.

    Min. sheet size: 350x270 mm.
    Max. sheet size: 720x520 mm.
    Max. printing format: 720x500 mm.
    Production output – 1000-3600 sheets per hour.  


    * System of personalization Contajet with print jet heads XAAR  



    System consists of:   


    • High-pile feeder (max. sheet size – 650x450 mm, paper thickness from 50 up to 300 gsm);
    • Printing section with 5 (five) printing heads (printing width of each head – 70 mm, printing speed – 33 m per minute);
    • High-pile acceptance unit.