Our history

Our history

1797 — Minsk provincial printing establishment was opened.

December 19, 1917—resolution of Council of People's Commissars of Western region and Front for renaming of Minsk provincial printing establishment into the printing establishment of the Council of People's Commissars of Western region and Front.

December, 1918—integration of provincial printing establishment and small printing plants into the 1–st Soviet printing establishment.

1921— trade school is opened where workers of polygraphic professions were trained.

1924— a new rotary machine with productive capacity of 5 thousand printouts per hour was placed in operation, that made it possible to publish the newspaper “Zvyazda” issued at that time by circulation of 12–14 thousand copies.

1925— new printing types, three typesetting machines “Linotype”, folding, cutting and sewing machines appeared.

1927— there were a typesetting room, a bindery, printing, stereotyped and ruling workshops. 9 newspapers by total circulation of 104 thousand copies were issued.

1929— 1935 —Printing House construction.

1935 — Manufacturing–industrial school for printers was created.

December, 1941— the first illegal press was opened.

May, 1942— the newspaper “Zvyazda" was issued— an agency of Minsk clandestine city committee (b) of Byelorussia.

July, 1944— the 31–st newspaper number “Zvyazda" came off the press. “Churvonaya zmena” and “Sovetskaya Belorussia” began to be published.

1951— 12.4 mln. copies of books and brochures, 96 mln. newspaper copies were issued.

1956— the magazine “Vozhyk” was printed using photo–litho–offset method. The editorial module appeared.

1957— the first number of the magazine “Na ekranah" was approved and came off the press.

1959 — printing establishment processing area was 4000 square meters.

1966— 1970—120 units of equipment were updated.

1969 — the printery was renamed into the publishing house of KPB Central Committee.

1971— the printery was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

1975— the printery was among the first in the USSR to master newspaper offset.

1977 — the printery was awarded a certificate of honour of BSSR Supreme soviet.

1988— 33 central and republican newspapers by single entry circulation of over 5 million copies, 36 magazines by monthly circulation of 6 million copies, 19 million hardcover books per annum were issued.

1991 — the printery began to issue its own newspaper “Express reklama”.

1992— a new editorial module was commissioned. New publishing editorial complexes were introduced into production in order to adopt modern technology of text capture and makeup of the republican newspapers “Zvyazda”, “Sovetskaya Belorussia”, “Znamya Unosti”.

1993— passport production was developed. The newspaper unit reconstruction.

1994— Ministry of the Interior got the first batch (20 thousand copies) of new passport blank sheets.

1995— issue of loose–leaf calendar was mastered, tear–off calendar technologies and hardcover books with thin thread sewing backs were worked out. For the first time in Belarus such type of production as postage stamps was mastered. The first issues were made on the eve of 50 Years of Victory.

1996 —newspaper production issue in 4 colours was mastered based on 4 graphic thematic machine “GOSS–HB”.

1997 — the Belarusian Printing House cooperated with 135 publishing houses (9 of them are state ones).

1998 — 1 491 000 passport blank sheets, 240 000 blank sheets of military service record cards, 651 000 color–printout blank sheets of security papers, 49 344 000 postage stamps were manufactured.

2000 Modernization of two newspaper press “Rondoset” was carried out by OGM Service as a result of which it became possible to issue full–color newspaper production.

2001 — 80 magazines were regularly published. 178 newspaper editorial offices used publishing house services. 23 241.2 thousand copies of different books were issued. A timely and qualitative issue of graphic arts production for holding election of the President of the Republic of Belarus was provided.

December, 2003 — RSPUE Minsk printing house specializing in the manufacture of cardboard package is subordinated to the Printing House.

2003 — sheet–fed offset machine “MAN Roland 704SPE” was bought.

2004 — offset thematic machine of tower type “Tensor–1400” for colored newspaper printing was put into service.

2005 — “Computer–to–P late” technology for exposure process of printed offset forms was implemented for the first time in the Republic of Belarus.

2006 — one more offset feed roll–type press “Tensor–400 BE” was assembled and brought into operation. It made it possible to print not only newspapers but also promotional materials on enameled paper using heat–set technologies.

— Printing machine of new generation “Uniset–75” was set.

2007 — the technology of thematic chromatic printing on enameled paper using gas drying (technology “heat–set”) was implemented in the Republic of Belarus for the first time.

— the technology of sixteen–page booklet glued by shelf back and cut from 3 sides in the printing machine was implemented.

— the magazine “Na ekranah” celebrated its jubilee— golden jubilee from the date of the first number issue.

December, 2007 — the Belarusian Printing House celebrated its 90–year jubilee!

July, 2008 – the new five-color sheetfed offset press ROLAND-705 HiPrint has been installed and put efficiently into operation in the offset workshop.

2009 – Belarusian Printing House has proceeded to design and production of different types of cardboard and micro-corrugated board packaging for consumer goods.

November, 2010 – Belarusian Printing House has implemented production by means of printing on the fabric. To make this, an original, unparalleled in Belarus equipment set for printing on the fabric has been purchased, installed and put into operation. It consists of the high performance sublimation plotter (printer) Mimaki JV5-320DS with max. printing width on the fabric 3.2 m and the large-format calender heat press  TitanJet GTX-132.

July, 2011 – starting date of flexographic printing on cardboard packaging and flexible materials (installation of the up-to-date printing and converting flexographic line).

September, 2013 – adoption of a new production service: production of paper bags.

April, 2016 – Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co. has installed the new six-color printing machine ROLAND 706 with inline varnish coating unit. This up-to-date high speed machine is intended for commercial printing and packaging.

September, 2017 – the Roland VersaUV LEF-20 UV flatbed printer has been installed at the enterprise. With the VersaUV LEF-20 printer it is possible to print on a wide variety of materials and three-dimensional objects up to 100 mm thick from pens, USB-drives and smart phone cases to customized award prizes, gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, notebook covers, and etc. The LEF-20 UV printer is uniquely positioned for multicolor full-color high quality printing and has white ink and clear varnish for creation of particular effects.

December, 2017 – Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co. celebrates its CENTENARY!