Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co. received the Conformity Certificate of the quality management system with
the requirements of the Standard of the Republic of Belarus (STB) ISO 9001–2015

Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co. offers a full range of printing services for development, production and printing of packaging and labels on paper, cardboard, film and mixed materials.

The quality management system based on international standards ISO 9001 is rated among the most effective means of quality and competitiveness improvement of the produced goods and services.

Since 2009, at the enterprise, the QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has been developed, certified and efficiently used for development and production of different kinds of paper and cardboard packaging for food and consumer goods in accordance with the requirements of the STB ISO 9001–2009. Also, the QUALITY ASSURANCE POLICY, ensuring production quality at all production stages, has been adopted.

From September 14, 2018, our enterprise upgraded to a new version of the STB ISO 9001–2015 and obtained the Conformity Certificate.

The issued Conformity Certificate certifies that the quality management system relevant to development and production of label and packaging products, as well as of packaging made from paper, cardboard, film and mixed materials for food and consumer goods, in Belarusian Printing House conforms to the requirements of the STB ISO 9001–2015.

Conformity with this standard is a proof of a competent enterprise management, and we hope that it will increase the competitiveness of our products and services. Having such a certificate, we confirm that our enterprise successfully implements the quality control of its own products (services).

It should be mentioned that Belarusian Printing House issues / prints label and packaging products that also meet the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 005/2011 on Packaging Safety.