We offer printed film for packaging of foodstuffs

20 January 2018
When making labels and packaging for foodstuffs we use different types of materials:

  • Three layer black-and-white filled PE film for packages of dairy products (milk, kefir, yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, mayonnaise and etc.);
  • BOPP film (transparent, pearlised, metallized) for chocolate covered curd cheese bars, dairy butter, ice cream, pelmeni, marshmallow, cookies, macaroni and etc.;
  • Laminate foil for chocolate covered curd cheese bars, dairy butter, cottage cheese, ice cream and etc.;
  • Polymer film (Linkaver, or PE-FPO) for cottage cheese;
  • Grease-resistant parchment.

Belarusian Printing House makes/prints label and packaging production conforming to requirements of Technical Regulations CU TR 005/2011 on “Safety of the packaging” and certified according to the standard ISO 9001-2009. Production also is tested under internal quality control.

Also, we make finish operations, namely slitting and rewinding of labels on cores of different sizes and in rolls of specific outer diameter or with defined number of labels in a roll, taking into account all requirements of customer’s equipment.

Further information:
Minimum order quantity: 300 kg of one type, for repeat orders from 100 kg
Roll weight: from 10-50 kg depending on roll width and used substrate
Core rewinding: D76, 152 mm
Width: upon customer’s request, up to 530 mm
Production time: 5-7 days
Wholesale price: between 3 and 20 Belarusian rubles per kilogram depending on material type.
End products are stretch wrapped and palletized on euro-pallets.

For further information please feel free to contact:
+375 17 287 81 28 or +375 17 331 91 15.