The biometric passport is coming up 

27 October 2019

Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co., as the biggest printing enterprise, having up-to-date printing equipment and focused on the latest technologies, is entrusted to issue production of national standing, such as forms of the internal, service and diplomatic passports of the Republic of Belarus.

It’s no coincidence that at our special production department, within the framework of realization of the Package of measures for implementation of biometric documents in the Republic of Belarus and for creation of the Belarusian integrated service and payment system (approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus), in 2020, issue of the biometric passport with a polycarbonate page and an embedded chip will start.

At the present moment, our enterprise is actively upgrading the main passport line and making installation and commissioning of additional equipment for production of these passports.

A new version of the passport has been worked out. It is known that it will look like a traditional one (blue), but with a special chip on which the owner’s personal data will be stored. The pages of the passport will contain images of the sights of Belarus. The quality of paper will change and protection measures will be enhanced. The photo and personal data will be placed on the first page.

The trial batch of the biometric passports will be supposedly produced within November 2019.