Strict accounting forms

Passports of the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, military cards, raffle tickets, diplomas, identity cards, postage stamps, invitation and entrance cards, gift certificates and other protected production.
  • offset printing, iris ink distribution;
  • printing with ink, luminescent under UV-rays;
  • perforating numbering of forms;
  • the colour stitched thread with luminescence under UV-rays;
  • the electronic chip with an antenna, integrated in the back cover of the identity card;
  • hologram pasting;
  • protective laminate;
  • multipage forms;
  • screen printing. 
We use mixed ink (Pantone and “Rainbow”), silver and bronze; bond and offset paper, as well as paper with watermarks and protective fibres, three-layer paper.
We accept for working ready paste-up, drawn originals and originals on electronic media.
We can make design, colour selection, positioning and film output.
Types of printed lottery tickets:
  • lottos and instant games of the envelope type on special offset paper with watermarks («Столица», «Скарбнiца», «Милосердность», «Спринт», etc.);
  • instant and combination lotteries with “scratch off” fields on special matt three-layer coated paper («Морской бой», «Остров сокровищ», «Пятерочка», «Праздничная», etc.). 
Unlike other printeries, we apply all variable information on a lottery ticket per one pass.

  • print strict accounting forms, a package of documents is needed, confirming the right to produce it.
  • Manufacturer’s or customer’s paper.
  • Products shipment: small printing runs of postage stamps – by express EMS-mail, by usual mail; big    printing runs – customer pick-up.
  • Terms of payment: 100 % advance payment.
  • Production time: as agreed by the sides.