Magazines and brochures

Высококачественная полноцветная печать журналов и брошюр на новых современных печатных машинах «Man ROLAND–704», «ROLAND–705 HiPrint» .

Brochures and magazines, inner book is perfectly bound, stapled.

Paper thickness

  • For glued book: 45–130 g/m2;
  • For cover: 90–300 g/m2.

Inner book format

  • Glued from 60х84/32 (100х140 mm) to 60х90/8 (210х300 mm);
  • Stapled from 60х84/32 (100х140 mm) to 60х90/4 (320х480 mm).

We coat printed paper with water dispersed and oil varnishes, laminating of glossy and mat paper with simultaneous texturising to look like “flax”, blind or hot foil stamping.

Print order:

  • Requirements to layout originals: on electronic media (CD, CD–RW, DVD +R, DVD–R, DVD–RW) in PS, PDF format. Printed layouts shall be attached to the electronic media. We accept ready transparency pages which conform with regulatory documents;
  • To print an edition a package of documents is needed confirming the right to produce circulation of the edition;
  • Newspaper printing on both customer's and typography's paper;
  • The products may be delivered;
  • Terms of payment: 100% advance payment;
  • Production time: as agreed upon by the parties.