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For 100 years now, Belarusian Printing House has justified confidence of its partners, adhering to the following eternal principle: to work in a fast, affordable and professional manner. Thanks to this approach, our modern, fast developing enterprise is a trusted leader in its field, as well as a base school of the national printing industry.

Books, newspapers and magazines, packaging, promotional and flag production, security papers and documents. We can print everything!

Belarusian Printing House is the oldest printing enterprise of our country. The official date of its birth is deemed 19thDecember 1917. But archival documents show that its story is rooted in far past, in 1797, when Minsk provincial printing house was opened and then succeeded the printery of the Ordo Sancti Basilii Magni. Hence, we have every reason to add one more figure 230 to the glorious anniversary number 100.  

Belarus gave the world the first printer Francysk Skaryna. In the first book, edited by Skaryna, it is said: “In the beginning was the Word!”. Time didn’t change this truth, but confirmed it.

It is symbolic that the centenary of the Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co. is celebrated in the significant year of 500th anniversary of the national book printing and 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The historical traditions of the publishing industry, advocacy and popularization of the printed word go on.

The story of Belarusian Printing House is a dramatic, heroic and future-oriented history of our native Belarus.

At the different stages of the biography, Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co. was differently entitled (Minsk provincial printing house, Printing house of the Council of People’s Comissars of the Western oblast and front, 1stSoviet printing house, J. Stalin printing house, Printing house of the publishing house “Zviazda”, Printing house of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Belarus).

But right now, the name of the enterprise optimally represents both its high professional status and production concept. Belarusian Printing House assumed the honorable mission to represent the national school of the printing industry.

The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and the passport of citizen were sent to the press here. The biometric passport of the citizen of the Republic of Belarus is next in turn: today, the specialists of Belarusian Printing House are engaged in its design and production.

We produce state, international, sports and corporate symbols and attributes. We are particularly proud of production of flags and emblems, symbols of the independent Belarusian state.

Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co. enjoys a high status and a high level of confidence of the government. Today, the Belarusian flag, made at the enterprise, flies over the square of the State Flag in Minsk.

Our enterprise is young in spite of an impressive age. The guarantee of youth is a worthy, young generation of printers that works the present day in workshops of the enterprise. The personnel are renovated, works are developed and state-of-the-art technological solutions come into play. Belarusian Printing House is a pioneer in adoption of up-to-date printing machines and a creative testing range of the domestic printing industry. Our publishing house has efficiently gone over to electronic composition, color separation and direct platemaking by means of CtP technology. Printing of full-color multipage newspapers, including printing on coated paper, as well as printing on other materials (cardboard, fabric and different types of films) has been developed here. Belarusian Printing House and its subsidiary enterprise “Minsk printing house” dominate in production of different kinds of packaging in the Republic of Belarus.

Over the years, the major newspapers of the country, such as  “SB. Belarus today”, “Zviazda”, “Respublika”, “Chyrvonaya zmena”, “Znamia yunosti”, “Vecherniy Minsk”, “Minskiy kurier”, “Belaruski Chas”, as well as different industrial publications, are our reliable partners. This is 83 editorial offices. This is 30 million copies of newspapers monthly (more than 57 trade names), representing nearly 80 % of the total circulation of printed media in the country.

Belarusian Printing House publishes about 2 million books per year.

With development of big distribution networks, promotional printing production, such as booklets, leaflets and flyers, has become high in demand. Belarusian Printing House makes more than 4 million copies of such publications per month. New technology “Heatset” makes enable to provide efficiency and high quality of production on coated paper.

Belarusian Printing House today is an exceptional production facility where centuries-old traditions go together with innovative solutions.