Packaging is of great importance, and it should take its fabrication process not as costs, but as one of the most profitable investment.

Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co. offers a full range of services for production and printing of packaging and labels on paper, cardboard, film and composite materials.

We make:
Flexible roll packaging and label for dairy and food industry: packages for milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, chocolate covered curd cheese bars, marshmallow, cookies, dairy butter, ice cream and etc.

Cardboard packaging for: biscuits, foodstuffs, household appliances, beverages, cake, plates and dishes, spare car parts, footwear, laundry detergent and metal goods.

Paper bags:
Souvenir and paper gift bags
Promotional and presentation paper bags
Consumer bags
Bags for bulk goods

Our available technical capabilities:

Creation of structure design and die-line of cardboard boxes
Flexographic platemaking
Design of cardboard packaging
Full-color offset and flexographic printing of packaging
Spot UV-varnishing
Blind embossing and relief stamping
Die-cutting of any degree of complexity
Gluing to a maximum of 3 spots

Only we have the most creative, functional and innovative solutions in packaging!

For further information please contact: +375 17 287 81 28 or +375 17 331 91 15.