1.   Packaging material (with a printed text and design) made from polyethylene co-extruded three-layer film for packing of dairy products:milk, kefir, yoghurt, sour cream, mayonnaise, farmer cheese and other fermented dairy products.

2.   Packaging material (with a printed text and design) made from BOPP-film for wraparound labeling of PET-bottles by cold or hot glue for packing of milk, kefir and other fermented dairy products.

3.   Packaging material (with a printed text and design) made from polymer-based film – analogue of LeanCover (with high water-, oil- and grease resistance) for packing of farmer cheese, butter and margarine.

4.   Laminated packaging material (with a printed text and design) made from films BOPP+BOPP for packing of ice cream, confectionery products (fruit jelly, wafers, cookies and etc.), grocery products (alimentary paste products and cereals), meat dumplings, corn curls and etc.

5.   Packaging material (with a printed text and design) made from PVC heat shrink film (sleeve labels) for application on PET-bottles, glass jars and metal tins for packing and storage of food and non-food products (fermented dairy products, foodstuffs, cosmetic products and household goods).

6.   Paper and cardboard packaging products for packing of food and non-food products (confectionery products, medicines, bulbs and matches).

Belarusian Printing House Publishing Co. makes packaging production conforming to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 005/2011 on Packaging Safety and certified according to the Standard of the Republic of Belarus ISO 9001–2015. Our production also meets internal quality control standards.

Our customers are:

JSC “Savushkin product”, Slutsk Cheese-Making Plant JSC, Unitary production enterprise “Polotsk dairy plant”, OJSC “Baranovitchi Dairy Integrated Plant”,    JSC “Zdravushka-milk”, OJSC “Milkavita”, Molochny Mir OJSC, Republican Trade and Production Unitary Enterprise “Molochny Gostinets”,OJSC “Krasny pischevik”, OJSC “Confectionery factory “Slodych”, “Minsk group of the bread products” JSC, “Gormolzavod No. 2” OJSC, “Minsk dairy plant number 1” JSC, JSC Kleczkaya krynachka and so on and so forth.

Our technical capabilities:

·       Creation of structure design and die cut templates of cardboard boxes

·       Flexographic platemaking

·       Designofcardboardpackaging

·       Full-color offset and flexographic printing of packaging

·       SpotUV-varnishing

·       Lamination

·       Blind stamping and relief embossing

·       Die-cutting of any degree of complexity

·       Folding

·       Splicing up to 3 spots 

The most creative, functional and innovative packaging solutions – only here!

Additional information:

Selling price is subject to material type and production output volume.

The minimum order: 300 kg of one type, for repeat orders – from 100 kg
Core shaft rewinding: D76, 152 mm
Width: upon the customer’s request, up to 530 mm
Production lead time: 5–7 days
End products are stretch film wrapped and palletized on euro-pallets.

You can purchase or order goods or service at the address: Minsk, Nezavisimosti Avenue, 79/1.

For further information please feel free to contact: +375 17 287 81 28 or +375 17331 91 15.